Jakob Nielsen has been called the world's leading expert on Web usability. His reputation is well-deserved and his site offers a wealth of easily-digestible and concise information on Web usability and related issues.

The Elements of User Experience

This book is a must-have/must-read for anybody embarking on a major Web development project in which User Experience will be a key focus (as it always should be). It give a clear overview of all the layers and factors to consider and provides excellent concepts and vocabulary for communicating to team-members and stakeholders.

Adaptive Path

These folks really have a handle on user experience, the discipline which, to me, is the true measure of success both on and off the Web. They host a yearly conference in Washington D.C. which I attended in 2006. I recommend it highly, especially if you're not a Web designer.

Leader to Leader Institute

On most projects, the health of an organization plays a major role in how well the project gets done. This site based on Peter Drucker's ideas has great resources for organizations seeking to change their structure and practices to improve their achievement of their goals.

Finding the Sweet Spot; Bridging the Gap Between User and Business Goals

User goals need to be met to help meet business goals. There, was that so hard? On the surface, once it’s laid out like that, it seems pretty simple. However, organizational goals, job responsibilities and budgets conspire to make it much more complicated.

Brand Value and the User Experience

Successful companies match business objectives with customer needs. They combine ongoing testing, feedback and improvement cycles into their daily practices and invest in listening, learning and modifying the user experience to create positive returns in revenue and loyalty. This means user experience is not just a practice or a process—it is a philosophy.